Are Bar Soaps in California Ethical

bar soaps California

What does RSPO certified sustainable palm oil mean? It means that they are grown and certified against the RSPO principles and criteria. These stringent sustainability criteria relate to social, environmental and economic good practice.

Recently after visiting an upscale resort in Dana Point California, I was surprised to see their room soaps stated on the box that they were made with rice bran oil. This is an alternative oil option for soap making when sustainable coconut oil or palm oil aren't available. After reading the ingredient posted on the opposite side of the box, I realized the soaps first ingredient was tallowate. This means made with animal fat from pigs. After reading to the end I finally discovered rice bran oil.

Some of the most upscale over priced resorts are using soaps that might concern many consumers trying to avoid animal products or unethical production of soap.


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