Finding Cruelty-Free Vegan Bar Soaps

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quadruple milling bar soaps

While bar soap continues to be a necessity, it is often overlooked in our shopping carts. Most consumers do not give it a second thought, when trying to figure out what type of soap they are going to buy. This means they usually opt for the least expensive and most common brand out there. It is good to know that it is not only important for your own hygiene and wellness, but also great to be concerned about animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

While we aren't here to virtue signal, but we do believe in following ethical guidelines when it comes to cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable products. Choosing vegan natural soaps doesn't necessarily mean eating meat is crime when in moderation, it merely states that we aren't adding animal fat to our base, nor testing the soap on animals. Costa Californica's soaps are affordable and offer the right ph balance for everyone.

When searching for vegan products, there are many wonderful websites out there for people that are choosing specifically 100% vegan products. Next week we will talk about how many natural body products contain bees wax, which is not considered vegan.

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