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Bar soap vs. liquid?

Many people think bar soap retains germs. According to the CDC, that is not true. Other studies show people use almost seven times more liquid soap than bar per washing. Bacteria on bar soap washes off every time you use it, so there’s no need to worry about it contaminating your skin. If you’re not assured, rinse the soap under running water and lather it up before you use it, further removing germs from the soap.

Some of the pros of bars soaps include being able to travel with them no matter the size. We once traveled with 20 kilograms of soap from Los Angeles to Milan Italy to test some milling machines.

Liquid soap however, does eliminate the need to swipe the bar across the skin, chosen wash clothe or luffa, therefore, reducing the showering effort. On the other hand, liquid soap requires the need to pump the bottle for more bubbles. So do you "wax on" or "paint the fence."

While the use of bar soaps have been around going back 5000 years, the end life of an actual bar leaves the user with a sliver of hope. This can remedied by using a soap sleeve. Simply load the new bar in with your sliver soap to continue getting your monies worth.


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