Shopping for Vegan Soap Online

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Recently one of our loyal customers brought up a very interesting point about buying vegan soap online, and how one is to determine the fragrance by sniffing their smart phone or desktop computer. What? Okay we are not there yet, however, send the idea to Elon Musk.

Normally the customer relies on the product description, which in this case should speak to the fragrance or essential oil aroma. This doesn't always necessarily represent exactly how it smells. Costa Californica also has unique fragrance names that are at time challenging to imagine how they would smell.

While other soap makers use common fragrances and essential oils like lavender and lemon verbena, some might use proprietary fragrances that only they own or have the rights to use, and in most cases can't be found anywhere else.

The good news is that purchasing vegan bar soaps online just requires an ingredient profile that complies with vegan standards, and is easy to understand. When soaps have honey, milk, or animal lard in the formula, those are considered non-vegan. The bars or liquids themselves may be completely plant based, however, adding the mentioned removes it from the "vegan" category.

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