Why Are Vegan Bar Soaps Better

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Many people often ask what the difference is between vegan and non-vegan bar soap, and why would it matter if it isn't intended to be eaten?  The simple answer is that non-vegan bar soap doesn't contain Sodium Tallowate,, which is an ingredient that most people have never even heard of. This material is commonly found in many cleansing products and greatly affects the condition and health of the skin. It is fat derived from the fatty tissue of pigs or cattle, and is often used as a base by most soap companies that produce soap on a large scale. Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium Tallowate are the salts of tallow’s fatty acids. All three of these ingredients are used in many detergents and bath soaps.

Tallow can be hard on the skin. It removes the oils that the skin needs to feel and look its best. This in turn can make skin feel dry and itchy when the necessary oils that protect and hydrate are removed.

Human skin has the ability to absorb external hydrocarbons, which are the lipids of
pig fat from sodium tallowate, and according to modern data, the absorption process takes up to 28 seconds. Therefore, after using soap with sodium tallowate the bather receives a portion of the refined pig fat in a pure form in to the bloodstream in less than one minute. When used as food,
pig fat gets into the bloodstream of a person after 7 to 16 hours.

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