Why Soap Bars Are Better for The Environment

Don't you believe the switch to body wash and bottled liquid soap is preferable? I would answer that the preference is obviously in the hands of the end user, and that it is solely an individuals decision. However, when you think of the repercussion that one single decision can have on everything around you, it begs the question do we realize how our decisions effect others and the environment around us?  

Before you decide to determine whether this blog is intended on forcing my opinion on anyone, I will make it clear it is not. I only wish to reinforce the traditional use of bar soaps, and how they eliminate plastic waste that potentially could wind up in the ocean. While some people might not see an ocean in a lifetime (I hope not), fish and all other ecologies directly related are inadvertently affected by plastic waste, not to mention the carbon footprint that recycle plastic processing plants create. 

According to LiveScience.com, a few days ago, a young Cuvier's beaked whale washed up dead on a beach in Compostela Valley in the Philippines, with its stomach filled with 88 pounds (40 kilograms) of plastic bags. After an autopsy, the whales stomach was said to be packed with plastic bags from rice sacks, banana-plantation bags and some shopping bags.

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