Quadruple Milled Bar Soap

What is Quadruple Milled Soap?

The term Quadruple Milled Soap means it is manufactured and passed through a milling machine multiple times to further refine the soap. Our soaps are passed through the milling machine 4 times and then pressed into a smooth fine paste.

Why Quadruple Milled?

The goal of all this milling is to thoroughly mix the soap and any fragrances or extra ingredients added to the soap base, while squeezing out any extra moisture or air. Getting it just right is a bit of an art form.

The Benefit of Quadruple Milled Soap

What is that charm? Simply put, Quadruple Milled Soaps contain less water and more actual soap creating a long-lasting hard soap. How many times have you picked up your soap from its dish, only to find a messy blob? This will never happen with Quadruple Milled Soaps. Look forward to less goop and richer lather!


Our luxurious vegetable based soaps are enriched with Shea butter, essential oils and natural extracts in captivating botanical scents. These bars create an aroma therapy like experience, while lathering and moisturizing your entire body.