Are All Handmade Soaps The Same?

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Often people ask if it is necessary to use lye in soap-making, and whether or not it is harmful. It can be harmful on its own and is considered caustic. However, as required and when used in soap making in conjunction with oils, it combines with the triglycerides and begins the saponification process at that moment. Depending on the method used to make the soap, the lye will dissipate after 4 to 6 weeks. Some soap makers expedite the curing process through heat and other practices, making it possible to eliminate the lye and use the soap after one week.

The benefit of waiting for soap to fully cure is that a harder bar of soap will last longer, lather better and be less drying on your skin. Cold process soap must be cured for a while to neutralize the lye in it. In the end, there is nothing else that will turn the fats into soap. Just know that after completely curing, no lye remains in the soap.

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