Bar Soaps Vs. Bottled Round 2

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bar soap verses bottle soap

Recently consumers have begged the question regarding whether liquid body wash, or bars soaps retain bacteria on the surface? Possible scenarios consist of the risk that a roommate might use your bar soap, rendering it contaminated? Well, according to recent studies, there is little risk in washing with a soap bar previously used by someone else. Why you might ask? It is simple, bar soaps are generally personal items that are use individually.

Some people ask how can a bar of soap have bacteria on it and yet not spread germs?This is because washing is a two step process. You start by lathering up the oil attracting end of the soap molecule, which picks up grease and oils on your skin. When you rinse, the water attracting end of the molecules follow the water, letting soap molecules rinse away any other impurities.

Soap bars are also safe as carry on when traveling. This also avoids having to worry about the exploding body wash bottle in the toiletry bag dilemma, upon arrival to your destination. Also adding, bar soap is the only thing that can realistically fit in the specialized bar soap wall unit, and basically takes up zero space. A big bottle of body wash, however, will commandeer quite a lot of precious space.

There has also been a recent debate surrounding the amount of product a bottle provides verse a bar. These days it is important to recognize that our dollars should be well spent. Liquid soap in itself requires certain chemicals to sustain itself. While not all soap contain such additives, there is abundance of sulfates in body wash. Some of of this is to create a sudsy experience.

Are bar soaps more expensive that the bottled counterpart? Well, according to research by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, bottled body wash and soap used almost seven times more liquid soap (2.3 g) than bar soap (0.35 g) on a typical trip to the sink.

Hand crafted and milled bars soaps have the same origins more or less. In the case of Costa Californica vegan bar soap base, the source is sustainable and formulated here in the United States. The bars contain saponified natural oils in addition to other natural ingredients that are added to improve skin quality.

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