California Bar Soaps Made Affordable

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These days consumers are always looking for the most affordable option when it comes to soap. Larger soap companies offer bars for as low as a dollar a piece at times. One often wonders how can a small company like Costa California compete with such competition? The answer is in the ingredients and weight of the bar. Even the partners here have used such bars in the past and didn't think twice.  All of that came to a halt after realizing that some bars actually leave your skin feeling dry after using them.

It occurred that quality ingredients should be available to all consumers not just the fancy hotel or spa. While we adore those places, however, we decided to formulate a bar soap that would lather adding moisture to your skin. Quadruple milling, fine ingredient and responsibly sourced ingredients, we were able to pass this over to the customer.

We offer twice as much bar at 6.4 oz. Quadruple Milled Soaps contain less water and last longer without withering or becoming mushy.

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