How the Global Bar Soap Market Will Reach $26 Billion by 2024

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vegan bar soaps

According to Expert Market Research, the production of bar soap has witnessed a significant growth during 2014-2018. The most prominent factors that are currently pushing the bar soap market are a growing population. With the increase in health awareness and rising levels of hygiene among consumers, vegan bar soaps are commonly sought out. Consumers are compelled to use soaps specific to their needs in order to stay hygienic, in addition to maintaining healthy skin. For this reason, the global demand has significantly increased in the past several years. The shift in the consumer preferences has also resulted in a growing demand for natural products.

The need for specific choices and individuality are not the only reasons bar soaps have spiked a demand. We recently blogged about recent studies that show that there isn't any real cause for hygienic alarm when using a bar soap. This is due to the fact that by lathering up, you are attracting the oil end of the soap molecule, which picks up grease and oils on your skin. When you rinse, the water attracting end of the molecules follow the water, the soap molecules rinse away any other impurities. When it comes to personal bathing habits, most people have their own bar they use for personal care. Therefore, debunking the scare regarding those points. Most importantly people are more concerned about their carbon foot print and the use of sustainable products. By choosing bars, people are eliminating one more bottle from their plastic arsenal.

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