Our Name

Where did we get our name from? Californica is the Latin word used to describe many native Californian plants. Our favorite is Eschscholzia californica, our state flower the poppy. This species of flowering plant in the Papaveraceae family, native to the California and Mexico, much like Costa Californica's founders.

About Our Soap

All of Costa Californica's plant based soaps are carefully formulated using the the finest naturals and sustainable oils to create our products. We look forward to bringing spa quality beauty bars to everyone at affordable pricing. We are firm believers in products that won't dry your skin, and actually prove results on all skin types. Our products are safe to use on your entire body. 

Our Mission

Create new bathing experiences and quality products that offer unique fragrances and moisturizing benefits to all consumers.

Our Motto

“Wash Away the Day.” This motto represents the solution to the cumulative effects of stress and aggravation that need washing away through the bathing experience - with Costa Californica bar soaps.

Our Goals

To make high end spa quality soap affordable for all socio-economic levels of society, ensuring a sustainable plant based soap content that biodegrades and won't dry your skin.

About Us

Costa Californica was founded in San Marcos California by Erik  and Imelda

Erik is an Artist/Entrepreneur, and was born and raised in Southern California. Erik's love for God, design and fine fragrances, has inspired him to formulate quality affordable bar soaps for all. He hopes to keep small business and industry thriving in Southern California.

Maria Imelda Oble Sturm was born in Mexico City and has contributed not only to her own path to citizenship, but has embraced the core values of business and what it means to be an entrepreneur here in California U.S.A. Her ability to network and create brand awareness is a driving force.

Together at Costa Californica, we hope to prove the American dream still exists through our efforts in creating quality products and jobs.