Hello Everyone!

Imelda and Erik started Costa Californica 2 years ago to support women-owned small businesses. Our goal has always been to bring quality natural soap to all at an affordable price. Both partners have overcome adversity in their lives to make it where they are today. 

Many of us have been through challenging times during the pandemic and have managed to keep our business alive. Sadly, some have not. We believe in building our community and helping others with soap for a fresh shower or bath, when possible. One needn’t belong to a spa to have that refreshing experience. All that’s needed is the sound of pouring water, and the soothing lather that “Washes Away the Day.”

Photo Gallery — WriteGirl
"WriteGirl was thrilled to have Costa Californica's beautiful soaps in the VIP gift bags for our Bold Ink Awards Gala. Our special guests loved the luxurious scent and feel of these wonderful products." "Thank you, Costa Californica, for helping teens write their way to brilliant futures!" Find out more about WriteGirl: www.writegirl.org

"Costa Californica was one of SBCs's first donors this spring, ready to support children in need with their handmade soaps and products. We appreciate their helping hand and commitment to good hygiene!" - SBCS (formerly South Bay Community Services)